WOU Comedy Week to feature student acts

Statesman Journal
By Justin Much

Western Oregon University student activities organizers are hoping to achieve four full days of laughter Jan. 25-28 during WOU Comedy Week.

The event will include student acts and outside comedy routines, couched in a cultural theme but unfolding with multiple comedic categories.

“What we figured is that comedy is big at the university, and students are looking for more comedians to come to the campus,” said WOU’s Coordinator for Student Organizations and Student Activities Stephen Cucchiara. “We thought, why don’t we make a weeklong (event) where we have different types of comedy.”

That’s just what organizers have planned, beginning with a show of student acts Tuesday titled “The Last Student Comic Standing.” The competitive show will feature a host of student acts; the most popular one will return to open for Thursday’s show featuring Ronnie Jordan.

Wednesday will feature Latino comedians, highlighted by D.J. Cooch. Friday will see the “Improv Jam,” which Cucchiara describes as similar to the popular “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” improvisational television series. The WOU Jam will involve a group of outside comedians and local students all getting into the act.

The idea for Comedy Week cropped up earlier this year after a somewhat tepid performance from a visiting comedian during new student week. The activities coordinators were disenchanted with that event, but intrigued with the prospects of successfully delivering laughs — and more than just one night of them.

“The jokes just weren’t really that funny; I thought it could be better than that,” Cucchiara recalled of the early fall fiasco.

“We were able to find a whole group of comedians that could come throughout the year,” he added, citing humor artists affiliated with the National Association for Campus Activities.

To further enhance that, Comedy Week was hatched, and if it goes well, it could return as an annual winter staple.

“We are definitely hoping to make it an annual event,” Cucchiara said. “Each year we will bring in different types of comedians … This year there’s a cultural theme. Next year we may have a different theme.

“We’re really looking forward to this,” he added. “It’s a weeklong event and something that the university has never had. It’s brand new, and we think it will be good for students and good for school spirit.”

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Additional Facts

What: WOU Comedy Week

When: 8 p.m. Jan. 25-28

Where: Werner University Center (Tuesday’s “Last Student Comic Standing” takes place at The Summit; the others take place in the Pacific Room)

Cost: Free

Information: Call (503) 838-8514; cucchias@wou.edu

Web: wou.edu/student/sla

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