Thinking inside the box

Salem Weekly
By Jodi Kerr

Friendship is art, but for the three Salem artists, the art is collaboration and success. Destree Rudolph, Candace Coyle, and Shelby Koning bring “Boxed In,” an art show about collaboration and unique art. The show, is coined as a visual exploration of the labels, perceptions and relationships that organize but ultimately isolate us within the context of our world.

Each artist brings unique art to the show, with one collaborative piece that shares their talent and unique perspective.

Destree Rudolph dabbled in mass media but lately she has been doing canvas and acrylic.

”The other artists are good friends of mine. We are in a visual journal group, and we have done art together and collaborated on different things. We have common sensibility. Our personalities mesh pretty well together,” said Rudolph.

She has always had the inclination to do art. “In the last five years or so, I took the artists way class. It is the creative recovery classes that opened up and felt more comfortable and it has been therapeutic. The class was a jumping off point and way to express myself in an artistic way.“

“I am really enjoying large size canvases. I love the kinetic feel of connecting with a larger piece. You put your whole body into a piece, and there is something special about that,” said Rudolph.

Expect a lot of color and three unique different perspectives. “The show is about labeling and putting people into boxes. It’s about breaking through those boundaries the perceptions that we hold and how we fit into the world. We have explored that, and how to break through from that,”said Rudolph.

The collaborated piece got passed from house-to-house, building, growing and in the end, came together as one big piece with three distinct pieces. “We put the finishing touches on the piece, together,” said Rudolph.

Candace Coyle liked the idea of doing a show together. “It is interesting, things that seem similar are actually quite different,” Coyle said.

Coyle works with acrylic on canvas and is influenced by abstract impressionism. “I like letting all your emotions come through you and the canvas. It’s something I am thinking about or a feeling. It’s (the art) out of me and into the canvas. What I may be feeling might be different and someone perceives it as,” said Coyle.

Coyle likes people to talk about her art. “I like my art to be interactive and to strike up conversation. When people talk about my work it increases my perception of it. I like it that way. It builds upon the art,” said Coyle. Coyle is studying psychology at Western Oregon University. “When I am working, I don’t necessarily pull out my academic tool belt. “I pull out brooms, strips of paper, I make stamps. I like being experimental,” said Coyle.

Shelby Koning is the photographer of the group. “Working on the collaborative piece has been a fun and interesting process. Although we have a lot of the same perspectives on things, we have unique styles,” Koning said.

Koning works for the State of Oregon as an eligibility specialist. “That is my biggest inspiration for the art, there is never a shortage of emotion,” Koning said.

“I think it is important to find new ways to capture the things we see every day. I combine mixed media in with my photography, I like bringing in mixed media elements and being able to get my hands dirty in the process,” she said.

When Koning was a kid, she would run around with a box camera in her hand. “It didn’t have film in it. But I liked seeing the world that way. It has been about 11 years ago when I really started getting into it more seriously and I could afford to pursue the hobby,” Koning said. “I could teach myself techniques to combine different elements and textures. I use handwriting in my art as well. I am always looking for different elements to add. For Koning, it’s about marrying elements together until they look cohesive.

Want to visit the artists’ work and see the unique and collaborative ways of being Boxed In? See the art on display at Venti’s Cafe through the month.

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