Western Oregon University’s Ackerman Hall wins LEED Platinum

World Interior Design Network

The Western Oregon University’s Ackerman Hall in Monmouth, Oregon, US has secured LEED Platinum from the US Green Building Council.

The residence hall incorporates several green features which include installation of solar panels and heat ducts to heat air and water. It also comprises sensor-controlled lighting systems in all the rooms which automatically switch off power in vacant rooms.All the restrooms of the building are equipped with low-flow fixtures to reduce water wastage while making use of a rainwater harvesting system to collect rainwater which can be used in the toilets, later.Another sustainable feature employed in the hall involves utilisation of wood of those trees which have been phased out from the building area. The hall also consists of an outdoor courtyard surface wrapped up in reclaimed material made of glass.

The material allows filtering of water which is later absorbed in the soil. All these eco-friendly measures contribute in slashing the building’s electricity consumption by 35% and water consumption by about 75% over a traditional building having the same dimensions.

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