Stevenson rotates into det. position

Lebanon Express

Sgt. Frank Stevenson recently moved to a position in charge of the Lebanon police detective division. He replaces Sgt. Kevin Martinez, who returned to a patrol squad.

Sergeants rotate through the detective division in two to three year terms.

Stevenson is in his 14th year with LPD.

He was a reserve with the Monmouth Police Department for  two-and-a-half years before getting a job as a patrolman with LPD. He was promoted to sergeant in 2009.

Stevenson graduated from Western Oregon University in Monmouth in 1997 with a major in criminal justice.

As detective sergeant, he oversees detectives, the student resource office,  and the LPD evidence employee.

The detective division handles investigations for major crimes including burglaries, thefts and robberies; sex offenses; and narcotics use. These cases generally require follow-up time that patrol officers don’t have.

“We help keep patrol officers on the street,” Stevenson said.

Also at LPD

The department recently hired Kyle Heese, 26, of Tangent, as a patrol officer. He has a few years experience as a reserve with Philomath Police and a bachelor of science degree from Western Oregon University.

New patrol officers generally have 10 to 12 months of field training before they operate independently. That includes a 16-week course at the Oregon Police Academy and working patrol with a more experienced officer.

Lt. Ben Silverman said Heese is the first new officer hired by LPD for some time.

The department had four empty positions for a while. Ideally, two or three new officers will be hired in the coming months, he said.

The captain position also is open.

Mike Schulte has been serving as interim chief for several months.

The city plans to begin recruiting for a permanent chief after the beginning of the new year.


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