NetApp donates data storage system: WOU students shot demo video for company

By Justin Much
Statesman Journal

A high-tech communications project begun at Western Oregon University has returned in gift form to make life easier for every computer user on campus.That’s the upshot of a video called “Snapshot,” produced by WOU’s Digital Production Services to showcase NetApp’s data-protection and -recovery software by the same name. NetApp, a storage and
data management solutions outfit, now uses the video to demonstrate its products and services in the field.Front and center in the video are two students, “Mac” and “PC,” who illustrate their respective Snapshot software capabilities to retrieve a deleted file or computer program.

The Snapshot video benefited NetApp; now NetApp is benefiting the university. Recently, NetApp donated a storage system valued at $70,000, which will join a NetApp system the university already
employs, and boost its capacity substantially.

The extra storage capacity means students, faculty and staff who use the WOU system can store anything from Power Point presentations to class notes to video theatrical projects on the network’s “H drive.” Users also will have the ability to create HTML links for information storage.

“Every user on campus has something we call an ‘H drive’; it’s their personal space, and could have a portfolio or Word or Office documents, PowerPoint demonstration,” said Bill Kernan, director of
university computing services. NetApp storage will give them space to store their data.The boost is viewed as a necessary one, in keeping with the school’s consistent growth of recent years.”The campus has grown,” said Tommy Love, WOU’s director of university advancement and executive director of the WOU Foundation. Computer storage space is “critical for us and it’s going to allow us to do more and more with video and high-tech capability.”

“We are deeply appreciative of this generous gift and how it will support our campus community,” Love added.

Kernan said the new system is currently undergoing a testing phase and should be available for use campus-wide by spring term.

“We have found the integration of the NetApp systems into our existing infrastructure to be smooth and painless,” Kernan said. “And we’ve seen a performance increase of 50 percent in our virtual infrastructure,”

Tuition options: WOU has rolled out a new tuition program option for students, Western Tuition Choice.Incoming fall 2012 students will be able to choose between the new option and the school’s Tuition Promise option, a system implemented a half decade ago to provide tuition stabilizing adjustments and a guaranteed rate.

With Promise, tuition is initially more, but students are said to save over the course of their education with its fixed rate.

Tuition Choice will offer a lower rate than the guaranteed rate for Promise, but will be subject to annual rate increases.

School officials said each option has a distinctive appeal: Tuition Promise for entering freshmen with a four-year plan; Tuition Choice for transfer students.

“The Tuition Promise has served students and their families well since its inception in 2007,” associate provost David McDonald said, noting that it’s been an effective budget-management tool for families. “Adding a choice allows families the flexibility to select a tuition plan that meets

their needs.”Scholarship extension: Due to the mid-January flooding, WOU has extended the deadline for incoming students to apply for scholarships.

To be considered for a scholarship, the university must receive the student’s completed application file, which includes the application form, official transcripts, ACT or SAT test scores, and the application fee by 5 p.m. Monday.

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