Campus garden

WOU campus garden

Students, faculty and staff of WOU created a community garden on campus this spring, just north of Hamersly Library. The first seeds were planted under the leadership of Dr. Emily Plec’s COM 380 course in environmental communication. The students and volunteers tended the garden over the coming months, which included several work parties. The WOU Garden Club is a subgroup of the Sustainability Club. Donations to support the garden can be made to the WOU Foundaton, at


To expand the project beyond the classroom, the WOU Garden Club was formed to keep the garden running all year. The club’s purpose is to promote environmentally sustainable and organic growing practices. In September, the club donated the garden’s bounty to the campus community to help address food security concerns. This project has continued to grow and is always open to volunteers. To become involved, search for WOU Garden Club on Facebook, or email


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