OIT: ‘Times have changed and we live in a different kind of world’

Herald and News
By Samantha Tipler

The 2012 graduates of the Oregon Institute of Technology are walking into a world of change.

Oregon is no longer the place where people can depend on lumber, agriculture and fisheries, said John Minahan, the commencement speaker and former president of Western Oregon University, told the soon-to-be graduates Saturday morning.

They need to turn to new technologies for their careers. And that exactly what Oregon Tech grads are doing.

“Times have changed and we live in a different kind of world now,” Minahan said. “I won’t say it’s a better place, but it’s different. The pressure’s on you, as graduates.”

Minahan compared 2012 to when he received his degree.

“If I were graduating now as a philosophy major, guess what,” Minahan had to pause for the chuckles to subside. “I would get my accent back and go back to New York, and I’d drive a taxi.”

This spring, 753 students graduated from Oregon Tech at its campuses in Portland, Seattle and Klamath Falls. Saturday’s commencement was the final of the three.

Minahan told graduates to be ready for the changes. He also advised them to be responsible and, as educated individuals, be the ones to hold accountable truth and honesty in American society.

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