Who’s this “Amanda” chick?!

When one looks at Amanda they might think several words like “crazy”, “dramatic,” or even…. an “exaggerator!” Well I will have you know that all of those words describe me just about perfectly! I was a theater person for four years of my life and I am still currently heavily involved in the improv troupe here on campus! Although I love theater and the spotlight I am currently an American Sign Language/English interpreting major and my dream is to one day move to London and give American deaf people tours through the British Isles!

Amanda Summers
Amanda Summers

It’s hard to have a dream as far out as that seems but it’s what makes me…. well me! I own who I am in every way, shape and form! I’ve personally made it my goal in life to be as happy as possible in everything I do in life; and that’s my philosophy: If it doesn’t make you happy than why are you doing it? What makes me happy is the friends I hang out with, the jobs I’ve had the opportunity to obtain, the goals I’ve set for myself and the things I do with my social life! I go crazy with everything I do and that’s what makes it all worth it! So why shouldn’t I be a little bit over the top if it makes me happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone?

Here I am living life as a sophomore in college and I can’t imagine my life being any different than it is now or imagine me being any happier than I am now and that’s what I hope to help people realize for themselves; that they don’t need anyone to make them happy! Optimism is my key to life, a smile can make someones day ten times better if you just acknowledge them and say hello! So never frown because you never know who is falling in love with your smile!


By Amanda Summers

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