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I’m an English major in my third year here at Western Oregon University. I love books, as many English majors do, watching movies, making desserts, and knitting, when I have time to breathe between homework marathons. I’ve spent my whole living living in and traveling around the Willamette Valley, and I never want to be any where else. I am crazy for everything about the place, from the rain, to the trees, to the people. I chose to go to Western to be a part of the Honors Program and to stay close to home.

Bonnie Wells

Year at WOU

English-Literature maj

or/ Writing minor

Salem, Oregon

Why did you choose WOU?
The focus on academics over sports was a huge influence, as well as the friendly feeling a smaller campus gives you. I didn’t want to be at a school that was about making money off of indebted young people so their sports teams could get cooler uniforms. I wanted to go to a school that was about getting an education and learning to be a better person.

What kinds of things are you involved in on campus?
Honors Program Member

What do you love most about WOU?

The earnest atmosphere of goodwill and learning.

What do you love most about Monmouth?
The darn attractive brick buildings.

What is the best class you’ve taken on campus? Why?
Survey of American Literature (ENG 253) has by far had the best and most eclectic selection of readings out of all the lit classes I’ve had to take. A good reading selection can really make or break a class. A good one makes learning easier, more fun, and much more interesting.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
The trees and benches between the Natural Science Building and Bellamy Hall (HSS). It’s just so green and tree-y.

By Bonnie Wells

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