Why I love WOU- Amanda

Question 1: Who doesn’t love college? and question 2: who doesn’t love WOU?

With this being my sophomore year of college I already have a deep and undeniable love for this University. I have friends who go to OSU and UofO but I must admit I have no jealousy for them whatsoever! It’s only at Western Oregon University that the classes are small enough that my teacher can actually learn my name, it is only at Western Oregon University that I can leave my room ten minutes before class starts and still be on time, and it is only at Western Oregon University that I could possibly make this many friends!

I believe that this school is based on quality instead of quantity. There are a million classes offered at Western but the classes are small so that each student can get quality attention. The cost of going here is so much less here at Western for the same education you would get at any other state school. Which being from a house hold that is barely considered “middle class” is very important. But these components mean very little compared to the sense of community that I have built and received through out my experiences. Even the fact that we call the dorms “Residence Halls” just reinforces the fact that we are not just another college but we in fact care about each and every student here.

But the thing that I love most about Western is the fact that I have been given the opportunity to become an on-campus student leader. I work closely with the hall governments as well as the housing staff and that is where I found my sense of belonging. Being a student leader on campus has helped me develop to become someone who can take on the real world with a knowledgeable and calm demeanor.

By Amanda Summers

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