Western Oregon’s Production of “The Crucible” -Amanda

This year at Western Oregon University’s Theater department they have chosen Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” for their fall production.  Miller’s play is one that tells a story of one that is very well none. The play takes place during the era of the Salem Witch Trials and it follows the story of a young girl name Abigail who is a strong willed and independent girl for her time but when she is found dancing in the woods with her friends by her uncle all hell breaks loose in their small village by all the villagers accusing all the woman to be witches and writing their names in “Lucifer’s book.” With all of the Chaos going it becomes worse and worse all by the hand of Abigail Williams who is really just a girl whose in love with someone she can’t have. With this underlying need driving Abigail’s every move she eventually goes to the extreme of accusing her love’s wife of being a witch so that she might take her place in his life.

Western Oregon University’s portrayal of  The Crucible  is a very intense and heart wrenching story that can bring any sense of emotion out of those watching. The run of the show is November 8-11 and 14-17th  with student tickets being 7 dollars, seniors being 10 and general admission being 12.

With the price being so low the students of Western Oregon University  have no choice but to give in to the compelling need of watching this play!


By Amanda Summers

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