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FaceOut Studio Art Exhibit
Art work from the FaceOut Studio artists on display in the Cannon Gallery

On Thursday, November 8th, a reception was held to honor the opening of the FaceOut Studio exhibit.  FaceOut studio, based out of Bend, Oregon, is a design company specializing in book covers. Many amazing pieces of artwork are on display for the public to go and see. At the reception, the exhibiting directors of FaceOut Studio gave a short talk about how the company got started, what they are known for and how they compete in such a competitive market. FaceOut Studio, as I discovered while attending this reception and listening to the artists speak, is known for their creation of the Bend Brewfest Logo. The exhibit of FaceOut Studio’s designs will be shown in the Cannon Hall, in the Campbell Hall art building for the next month.

As well as a professional design company presenting their work, the students of Western’s Art Department provided an “open house” in the ITC building across the street from the exhibit for people to see what Western is doing in the same field of design. Art department faculty, students and alumni were present to provide any information needed about the new Visual Communication Design program here at Western.

Book covers designed by FaceOut Studios
FaceOut Studio’s book cover designs

What made this event so interesting to me was the chance to see what peers are doing in their design classes and compare that to professional level work. My dorm hall’s Residential Assistant is a design major and I see how passionate she is about her designing, it was very exciting to see how far she gets with all the long nights spent in the ITC’s computer lab. It was impressive seeing how intricate of designs people were making, in such a short period of time having been in their classes this term. All I could think of was how wonderful of instructors we must have here to provide such amazing opportunities to our students!

By Gabrielle Boyle

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