Eating graciously with The Gracious Girl

Mindy Lockard, our etiquette coach.
Mindy Lockard, the Gracious Girl

Mindy Lockard, known as The Gracious Girl, is an instructor in the art of proper etiquette. On November 12, 2012, an Etiquette Dinner was held in the Werner University Center. This RSVP’d event surprised all of us college kids! To begin, almost all of us entered our chair from the wrong direction! Good thing Mindy allowed us to start over and do it properly this time. Our eating utensils, napkins, and glasses were on the table for us when we arrived. As the program started, Mindy taught us where each of these objects was to be placed. As each course was brought to us and, in turn, taken away, we learned proper etiquette for different social situations as well as great tips for professional, business situations.

I have to admit, getting to blog about this seems like I’m cheating because it was so interesting to me to learn what I should be doing to eat like the princess that I am! Though clumsy at first, I slowly became comfortable with this new way of eating, where I can still manage to eat and have successful conversation without embarrassing myself. The tips Mindy gave us about professional, interview style eating were very helpful because I had never thought about it that way before.The table before we knew where to put our utensils!

I appreciated the focus on professionalism at this Etiquette Dinner. As college students, we all should have the skills to help us succeed in the world. I think that having WOU host these Etiquette Dinners is an amazing idea and I wish more people would show interest so we could spread the etiquette!

The table, as it was given to us, before we knew how to place our utensils!

By Gabrielle Boyle

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