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So it’s Dead week, the second most stressful week behind finals week. You are finishing those papers and stressing over some of the biggest tests of the term. What are you going to do to relieve some of that stress? Go to the gym? Maybe. Watch tv? Sure. Sleep? Nope. Going to a sporting event, yelling and cheering on the home team? Heck Yeah. Which sport? Basketball of course.

The Men’s Basketball team is looking pretty good so far this year with a

Pep talk from the coach

4-2 record going into tonight’s game, meaning that there could be a lot of great plays, including slam dunks and 3-pointers.

Going to a home game is a great way to show team spirit, as well as a good conversation starter. Going to the game with some friends, grabbing a good seat and some popcorn can also make for a memorable time.

You could not have asked for a better game. The Wolves started the game with intensity making the first three baskets, making the crowd crazy with excitement.

Then a couple more minutes into the game, things kind of went not so well. The Crusaders go on a scoring spree putting the Wolves down by more than 10 points. You can hear the moans and groans as the Wolves fall more behind. But not for long. As the time goes down in the half, the Wolves gain some momentum and score a couple baskets in a row making the Crusader lead only 9 by halftime. This gives all the fans hope that the game is not lost and that the Wolves will make a comeback.

After the halftime break is over and the entertainment is done. The game announcer gives out a friendly challenge to those who have come to countless WOU basketball games “Which WOU Senior on the team has made all-league 3 times?” Looking around I see a ton of shrugs and blank pondering faces, while others jump out of their seats and run to the scorers table to say the answer and be rewarded with a cool new WOU Basketball shirt. “Thats Right!” says the announcer “Kolton Nelson” The lucky fan fist pumps and runs back to his seat showing off his new shirt.

Looking around the gym you can tell everyone is expecting the Wolves to come out strong and do an amazing job. They give up two baskets to start the half and a lot of mild disappointment fills the gym. Then out of nowhere the ball is stolen from a Crusader player, which leads to a Wolves 3 pointer, which makes a lot of fans cheer. The Crusaders come up again with the ball. Shoot. Miss. Giving the ball back to the wolves who quickly make it into another 3 pointer. The crowd jumps to their feet, sensing that the Wolves are going to go on a big run. From then on it was all Wolves basketball. Every play they ran went right, almost every shot they defended did not go in. It was the Wolves court the rest of the game and the crowd went crazy. High fives being passed around after countless plays are executed to near perfection.

The game ended with a standing ovation as WOU players waited for the clock to wind down. This game was definitely a great one. Making the Wolves 5-2 for the year and giving the fans a good show. What was once a nail biter, turned into a big sigh of relief and then a great positive feel throughout the gym, a great movie like suspense for the home team crowd. Tonight was a great way to forget about finals and dead week for two hours. It was a fun thing to do before you hit the books or write a long essay.

Final Score
Final Score
WOU 92 – NNU 84

By Kevin Gutierrez

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