FINALS Week? Let’s get our study on!

It’s that time of year again, and I am not talking about the holiday’s!

It is now time to buckle down and start working on getting all that information you were supposed to learn over the term into your brain for those big tests!

Here is some tips I’ve come up with that I know helps me study effectively!

1) Study somewhere where there will not be distractions or  where there is so many distractions that it becomes white noise and you can’t actually concentrate on a single one thing except your material you are supposed to study

2) All those notes you took by hand or on the computer, type them a 2nd time. It is a proven fact that you will retain 30% more information if you just retype all of your notes

3) While studying, make a game out of it! Information is retained much better when you actually make a fun game of it!

4) Find a friend in the same class and try teaching the material you are learning. If you can teach someone else that means you know your stuff! 

5) Study in groups! The more people the better! You can split up the material and go over everything together!

Now all you need is enough sleep, healthy meals, a good work out or two and make sure to eat some chocolate 30 minutes before the test!

Good luck with your finals and have a wonderful holiday break!

By Amanda Summers

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