Stop! Reflection time

At the end of every new term in college, I’ve always found myself settling into an introspective mindset. I find myself curling up in a quiet room, reflecting on what I’ve learned, and meditating on where I am in life. This term is no different.

I feel I’ve learned a lot this term. A good way of expressing what I’ve learned would be a list.

  1. From a writing class I learned that people (myself among them) tend to obscenely self-centered. It makes for better communication (and writing) to focus your attention on someone other than yourself for a while. You’ll be surprised what you might realize.
  2. From a literature class I learned that just because everyone else doesn’t like something doesn’t mean that you won’t like it.
  3. From Spanish I learned that I don’t really like Spanish, and that if one is studying for a BA from Western, one should start his or her language requirement before junior year, while he or she still has options.
  4. From my domestic experiences I learned that whitening toothpaste is a wonderful remover of stains from white surfaces. And nope, inappropriate drawings of inappropriate body parts had nothing to do with this. Nothing at all. Nope.
  5. From my friends on campus I learned that while a may person grow and change they can still chase (and even catch) an old dream.
  6. From my family I learned that growing up doesn’t have to mean growing apart.
  7. And finally, from life in general, this term I have learned that no matter what your goals are, life is going to find some way to throw you off course, and when this happens you have three choices. You can fight your way back to your original direction, you can take it as an opportunity to explore something new, or you can stand still and complain about the inconvenience of having your boundaries pushed. Your situation is what you make it.

I hope you’ve all learned a thing or two this term as well. Cheers, and enjoy the break.

Image of giraffe looking at camera eating a leaf
I was at a loss for an appropriate image to attach to this post. Enjoy this giraffe.

By Bonnie Wells

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