WOU Bucket List: Social Life Edition

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When being away at college it can sometimes get hard to keep all the balls rolling at once—school work, keeping in contact with family, getting involved in extracurricular things, maintaining a social life. In Monmouth, where things can be, well, boring, trying to get ahead is often much harder to do than you anticipate. Every student experiencing college should take advantage and get out and absorb the rich experiences unique to each campus, both academically and socially.

There are some fundamental activities here at WOU that are easy to attend and can give you that quick boost of social activity you might need to remind you what human contact is.

  1. A Sporting Event

While we don’t have the eager enthusiasm for college athletic programs as found on other campuses, we do have frequent and entertaining games that are more often than not free for students to attend.  Grab a buddy, and go cheer for your home team.

  1. Jensen Arctic Museum

It’s always there. That little green building. You get e-mails about it all the time. Appease your curiosity sometime, and go cheek it out.

  1. Young’s Teriyaki

I’m pretty sure if on campus students could elect an official WOU restaurant, it young be this place. While it’s closed on the weekends, it is close to campus and always busy with fellow students enjoying good and cheap food.

  1. School Theater Production

Be it a production on the main stage in Rice Auditorium or one of the many smaller, student run productions, the Western Oregon Theater Department has never failed to please. I would highly recommend going to a show to meet some new people, or to enjoy some time alone.

  1. Midnight Movies

These happen frequently, and are a very easy way to immerse yourself among other students. And a great way to see that new blockbuster for cheap!

By Bonnie Wells

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