Winter time…. Let’s be HAPPY!

Oh yes, it is definitely winter time and it is definitely after the holiday’s which means there is less to look forward to at the end of the term! So now with the cold running through your bones and the gifts in your closet it is time to find something within ourselves to be thankful for!

Like maybe the fact that people don’t eat Kit Kat’s like this:kit kat

With that being said I know it’s definitely hard to find any place that can hire people right now:jobs

And without jobs i know that school can be very hard: rich for school

So maybe when you are feeling stressed out in life you should relax and try to make life a little more silly. Go hang out with friends, go on a date, go see your family and don’t forget:


In the winter it is essential to eat healthy, work out daily, and have a balanced social and academic life because if you don’t the long dark hours of winter will drive you nuts before you even realize what happens to you!

By Amanda Summers

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