Stress is…. well stressful

Being college students I would say that we are the definition of stressful and so sometimes we definitely forget how to manage that stress. I myself am taking 14 credits have 3 different jobs that add up to be more than full time, I work out daily plus I am the VP of the Improvasaurs here on campus. Yet I still manage to have a social life and even go out on dates!


How the hell does one do this you might ask? Well I want to say: Magic. But I know for fact that I have just planned my daily events pretty much down to the hour. There is very rarely a day or evening that I don’t know exactly what I am doing. And if I am being completely honest I owe a lot of my management skills to my planner and to google calendar. Honestly my planner keeps me up to date on things I need to do and the calendar keeps me knowledgeable  of when I am free and available to do things.  With these two tools I feel like I could conquer the world. But those things just manage my school work and my work schedule. They definitely don’t help me have a social life or a dating life. That is all me. I have to put myself out there and try to connect with friends or go to events. What makes it all that much harder is the fact that I don’t have a car so that makes my world that much smaller. But I am not the only one in this world with a crazy schedule so that is exactly why I am writing this: to give helpful tips!


One thing I do is definitely get a work out buddy. They keep me motivated to work out and stay fit but they are also a nice relief from my daily friend group. You can have multiple work out buddies or different buddies depending on the day. Maybe that can be a way to see your friends and catch up on each others lives!

Another thing I do is try go to events here on campus or plan a gathering with friends to go to. It doesn’t have to be spendy and you don’t even have to be present for the whole time. But just showing your face around is a great support to your friends!

I know being busy makes everyone crazy but if you pass someone you know while going to or from class stop and try to have an actual conversation with them. Catch up on their current events even if it is only for a few minutes.

Last I believe the way I personally stay sane is with the Improvasaurs! I love Improv comedy and I would definitely say it is a huge stress reliever for me! I laugh, I can be silly and I don’t have to worry about people judging me. This is definitely my biggest stress reliever because there is no homework, or expectations from that club and I absolutely love doing it!


So what is your stress reliever? Mine is Improvasaurs and having a strong purpose here on campus with my jobs and that’s what helps me live a happy life. So go find yours, maybe you’ll find your calling in a club you’re wanting to go to. Maybe you’ll make some new friends by going to see midnight movies, or maybe even apply for PLUS team and find you’re passion is being a student leader. Any path you choose will be very meaningful to you in every way shape and form and when you are devoted to something that’s what distresses your life!

By Amanda Summers

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  1. When you described your schedule or a high course load, several jobs, involvement in clubs and still maintaining your social life–it sounded like me! I stayed VERY busy in college but this alone helped me so much with time management that I still use now. There was simply no time for procrastination. On top of all that, I even started my own company by senior year too.

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