PLUS team! Thoughts for next year?

Even though it’s only winter term, when you’re in college you have to start thinking about your plans for the following year way ahead of time.  If you haven’t already applied to be an RA it’s a little late in the process to get on that boat but they are plenty of other options here on campus! Such as PLUS team! PLUS team stands for Peer leaders understanding students! This group is an on campus team that is in charge of  the SOAR dates for new students as well the wonderful new student weeks! They are the best people to help students who are fresh out of high school or transfers to transition smoothly into a new situation and schooling environment. Because PLUS team knows exactly how the first few years of college can be the most important years of your entire life.  plus team

But if PLUS team doesn’t sound like your thing there is of course many other opportunities on campus for the following year such as Peer Mentors, or the Residence Hall Association Executive Board or you could be an ASWOU member!

Peer Mentors is exactly what it sounds like; a group of students being mentors to the first year students here on campus! Each peer mentor is assigned one or two halls through out the residence halls and then they make connections and relationships with those students as well as put on programs over the course of the year that are either social, or educational but that are always very fun!

The RHA Executive Board is on campus group that plans programs specifically for the on campus student body and is a sort of guide for the hall governments from each residence hall. RHA board

With all of these opportunities on campus how can you afford NOT to get involved. College is the time to get as much as experience as possible before you have to go out into the world and have a real job.

By Amanda Summers

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