Governor’s Canned Food Drive

Every year the governor of Oregon holds a competition between all of the state companies and buildings to see who can raise the most food in the community for the Debbie Diem food bank. This competition is counted by pounds of food as well as the amount of money raised, (1 dollar = 6 pounds of food) and for the past 7 years Western Oregon University has been the winner of this competition. A key part of the fundraising is the Residence Hall Association. The Hall governments have a friendly “All Hall Competition” to see who can raise the most food for the drive. Specifically what the RHA Exec. Board does is do a “Can the Community” type thing. They door tag the community of Monmouth and Independence one weekend to notify everyone that they will be coming around on a certain date between certain hours and come door knocking to see if people would be willing to donate canned goods. There will also be the option of people dropping of canned goods at stations around town as well as the ability to leave a bag of canned goods on their door steps so we don’t have to disturb them!photo-1

Now why does the governor put on this competition food drive? Well frankly it’s because the holiday’s is when the most people in society donate a lot because it is when people are most in need. But after the holidays when all the food banks are dried up is definitely a time of need as well. People come to the food banks expecting help and most often then not the food banks don’t have enough to give to everyone. This is the time where people need to help as well and not just because it is the holidays.

The dates that the RHA Exec. Board will be coming around is Feb. 9th for Monmouth, and Feb. 16th for Independence. This year the RHA board is hoping to reach a bigger goal than last year and to continue the winning streak. If you have any questions feel free to contact Greg Cronk (RHA President) at

By Amanda Summers

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