Fight back: anti-harassment resources at WOU

Eli Zachary

While harassment is strictly against the Code of Student Responsibility, on a more de facto level, the students themselves here at Western Oregon Univeristy seem to have taken a rather intolerant approach to it, as well, judging by some of the student organizations and programs run on campus.

There is Abby’s House, the anti-domestic violence center for women and families located in Werner University Center, room 108, whose presence is active on campus. Also present, is the Abby’s House student organization SPEAK, or Students Promoting Equity Activism and Knowledge.

picture of Student Health and Counseling center sign and building
On campus Student Health and Counseling Center

There is Safe Zone, the on-campus organization committed to promoting an accepting and sensitive environment towards GLBTQQIA issues (which stands for: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Allies). Safe Zone regularly hosts events and meetings, and has an active presence in campus affairs.

Additionally, we have many resources available to students to help deal with bullying and harassment issue, especially in the Student Health and Counseling Center.

Located between the Health and Wellness Center and Ackerman Hall, the Student Health and Counseling Center is where the university keeps track of all those health related records, and where a multitude of health services are available to students. Unlimited counseling sessions are available for anyone who is enrolled at WOU for more than six credit hours a term.

For students who live on campus, your RA and/or Peer Mentor for freshmen, can be an invaluable resource when dealt with any bullying or harassment one may encounter. They are trained in conflict management and mediation, and are well acquainted with the services and methods for reporting and dealing with such incidents.

By Bonnie Wells

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