Green Wolf Sustainability Club

If you believe in a more green non-polluting lifestyle, Green Wolf is the club for you. The Green Wolf Sustainability club believes in promoting a more green and a less environmentally harmful lifestyle, mainly here around campus. If you ever seen anything like the bike workshops, The WOU Community Garden, environmental advocate rapper Mosely Wotta Concerts, or Earth Week festivals, that’s Green Wolf.

Bike Wokshop
A Green Wolf member helping fix a tire

Every term, Green Wolf tries to put on a bike workshop to help students repair and maintain their bikes by oiling the chains or repairing broken breaks to travel around campus or wherever they need them for. The workshops are usually a good amount of the day and help out tons of students, and it’s usually free!

Mosely Wotta

Moseley Wotta is a performer I personally enjoyed watching. He came to campus and performed in a packed Willamette Room last year. He had a lot of energy and had some really nice rhymes, that did not include rapping about women, cars, clothes and h…other meaningless things. He got the crowd involved and had a really cool band that he played with. If he comes through this year, everyone needs to come and watch, he does not disappoint.

Moseley Wotta Performing in the Willamette Room
Moseley Wotta Performing in the Willamette Room

Other Things

The WOU garden is also something that Green Wolf has taken over and hopes to keep making better. All sorts of veggies and hopefully some fruit will be planted there soon and if you have any ideas you can let them know what you think by going to their meetings.

Some members also try and go to sustainability conference where other sustainability clubs go to share ideas and visions. I haven’t gone yet but it sounds really cool and hope to go soon.

One huge goal that is trying to go down in the club right now is a bike co-op or a type of bike sharing program. That would really give people an easier way of travelling around campus or anywhere.

It is really hard to describe Green Wolf unless you go and check it out yourself. They have a lot of goals that they want to happen and are always looking for new and innovative ways to make this campus more green. There are also some really cool people there who are always looking for new members to join. So go check them out at their meetings this Winter Term are in the Klamath Room, WUC at 5:00pm.

power shift west - dehumanizing corporations.
power shift west – dehumanizing corporations.

By Kevin Gutierrez

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