Black and Red Ball

Every year the Triangle Alliance club puts on a dance called the “Black and Red Ball” this is a dance to bring together the LGBQT society as well as invite the rest of campus to come on out for a fun night. This year half the proceeds that were made went to the Cascade Aids Project which of course goes into the research of Aids. 002

This dance was from 8-11 on January 31st and is a traditional event that the Triangle Alliance puts on every year. The most known thing about this dance is the Drag Show Preview that is also put together and performed by Triangle Alliance.

With the name like the Black and Red Ball of course the dress requirement is that you must wear red and black! Everyone participated in the free entrance fee, the wonderful varieties of cake and the killer music that kept the people dancing the night away!




By Amanda Summers

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  1. It was a great night!! but the drag show preview didn’t just include those from Triangle Alliance, many students (or non-students) preform in the drag show as well 😀

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