Speed Dating

So, It was in fact Valentine’s Day a couple days ago, and love was in the air. Unfortunately not everyone had someone to spend the day with. For some people (and even me sometimes) it is hard to meet new people, but you really have to put yourself out there and get out of your shell. So when I heard that ASWOU was putting on a speed dating event, I really thought it would be a good way to meet new people and see what kinds of people were out there. It is easier when you have a couple of really good friends to go with too.

The setting was a near perfect environment for speed dating and finding someone new and interesting. The lights were dimmed, heart decorations all over the walls and some really smooth R&B music playing in the background to set the mood. Cookies and drinks were also provided, so if you met someone and just wanted to eat and chat you could do that.

So the room was set up with tables around the outside of the room for speed dating and people would sit across from each other and ask each other questions to get to know the other person. The event was LGBTQ friendly so people of the same gender could be paired with each other and you could ask what their sexual preference was and if the two were not paired with the same preference, you could make a new friend either way.

A way to get everyone really involved and active, the coordinators decided to play an Icebreaker to let people get more familiar with everyone. The game is called Train wreck and it really let you get to know a little about everyone who was playing. The game starts with one person standing in the middle and then everyone else putting something on the floor to mark their spot. The person in the middle would shout “I want to meet someone who…” and then say a trait or hobby they would like to see in a person and if someone had the same interest or hobby they would switch spots with someone who also shared the same interest or hobby. The game got really crazy and people ran all over, everyone had a good time.

Overall, the event went well, talking to one of the coordinators I found out more people showed up than expected and that gave a bigger variety of people to see and meet. Looking out across the room I saw some people really hitting it off and I saw some people just having a good time. I personally met some cool people along the way and think it would be really cool to do again.

By Kevin Gutierrez

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