A changing campus

This year the Housing and Dining Advisory Committee (HDAC) came to General Assembly, which is a student body made up of the Residence Hall Association Executive Board as well as the Presidents, Vice Presidents and First-Year General Assembly representatives, to seek approval on an alcohol policy that would allow alcohol on campus for those who are of age.

This policy would allow alcohol in all residence halls that do not have a traditional first year student in it, (Arbor Park, Butler and Gentle.) Of course all roommates would have to agree to allow alcohol in the room,(no matter the age,) and the limit of the alcohol would be 1440z in the whole room as well only a 14% or less alcohol content. No drinking enhancements would be allowed such as shot glasses, beer kegs, or anything that would increase the drinking speed in order to become intoxicated quickly.  This policy was more of an opportunity for the people of age to be able to drink on campus and practice their legal right as well as be able to live with who ever they want to. This policy would be a privilege not a right so of course if this privilege was abused in any way then it would be taken away for that person. It is a policy designed to protect the underage person or whoever didn’t want the alcohol in the apartment not to give the of age people their rights.

Of course this policy would not become enforced until General Assembly approves it as well as the President of the university. This year the policy was not passed by General Assembly but it was it was a very close split with 8 votes yes, 11 being no and 2 was abstaining. So this vote definitely was close enough that one could predict in future years that this policy will be brought up again to be reconsidered.

With this new policy being introduced it definitely brings up the question as to what other things may or may not change in the future but it is mostly about what the students of Western Oregon University want in their educational career.

By Amanda Summers

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