In the spotlight—Omega Delta Phi—“ODPhi”

We’ve all seen the movies that include the stereotypical fraternities and sororities. Right? I mean, it seems like all they do is party, party, and party some more. So when I had the opportunity to interview a member of the first founded fraternities on WOU, I did not hold back from asking the questions that intrigued me the most.

Omega Delta Phi Crest.
Omega Delta Phi Crest.

But first, let’s talk a little about the history of this fraternity.  Omega Delta Phi (ODPhi) was founded on November 25, 1987 at Texas Tech University; because there was an apparent lack of Hispanic fraternities (This fraternity is now multi-cultural).  The original founders included eight college students who were in search of an organization that could offer them unity.  The colors of this fraternity include scarlet and silver, as you can all see from the picture provided.  And the overall goal of this organization is help the ‘brothers’ graduate, while serving, supporting, and helping out the WOU community, as well as the community at large.

The current WOU Omega Delta Phi founders/members.
The current WOU Omega Delta Phi founders/members. From left to right–top to bottom. Eduardo Rojas, Juan Llamas, Christian Ramirez, Kevin Alejandrez, Gabriel Antonio, and Alonzo Mendoza.

So when talk began about the possibility of establishing ODPhi at WOU, some began to get a little nervous because as I mentioned, there are a lot of stereotypes about these organizations.  The idea of bringing ODPhi to WOU meant that Greek life on campus would make itself present while beginning a positive movement to “help students graduate and serve the community”, as member Eduardo mentioned.

Now for the part that everyone is waiting for…

I eagerly asked Eduardo “Eddie”, “Does ODPhi carry itself like the stereotypical fraternity that most of us see in the movies?”  He did not hesitate and responded by saying, “No, those frats are considered traditional frats that have frat houses and only recruit by quantity.  We’re a multi-cultural frat that doesn’t have frat houses or the ‘party all the time’ rep.  Our main objective is to make Omega Delta Phi a positive movement that helps promote growth and maturity in the young men we recruit.”

Pictured include members from various universities throughout the Northwest.
Pictured include members from various universities throughout the Northwest.

If any of you are interested to learn more about this fraternity, are wondering about the requirements for joining, or have any one other questions, feel free to contact Eduardo by emailing him at

By Antonia Rojas

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