We are family: Family Weekend 2013

Western's Family Weekend 2013
Western’s Family Weekend 2013

After spending the entire month of holiday break at home with family, starting Winter term is a little difficult for a lot of people. By February, many of us are ready to see family again. Well, what do you know that Family Weekend is right in the middle of February! Perfect timing!! The weekend of February 15th-17th was dedicated to this year’s Family Weekend, filled with tons of family activities and events to help families understand what life here at Western is like.


Families were invited to stay at one of the hotels in the Monmouth/Independence/Dallas area and then visit during the day for activities such as “Classes Without Quizzes” to give family members an idea what their student’s go through every; a poetry reading , and magician were also lined up for entertainment!! I attended the “bizarre” magician Brian Brushwood’s performance Friday night and was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time! Brian ATE fire!! And then he put a metal nail into his right eye and then it came out his left eye!!! I think I screamed the entire time he was doing that trick!

Family Weekend!

The entire weekend seemed to go really well and gave students needed time with their families. I can’t wait until next year, maybe my family can come and enjoy all the fun too!

By Gabrielle Boyle

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