Drag Show!

Every year Triangle Alliance puts on the wonderful performance that we all know as the drag show! It is a wonderful story that is told through a series of lip-syncing dance numbers performed by the students of WOU. This years drag show theme is  “The Wonderful Wizard of WOU” obviously taking on a wizard of OZ theme. The performance is being choreographed by Rjay Carey and of course this year the opening and and closing numbers will continue their tradition of Born this way by Lady Gaga and You Can’t Stop the Beat from the musical Hairspray.

For the next month and a half the performers of the drag show will be rehearsing for 8 hours every Saturday and Sunday in preparation for the show as well as week day rehearsals every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The week day rehearsals are ran by Trevor Ross and Natalee Dagan to help reinforce the weekend rehearsals that were already taught by Rjay. These dance routines are a mixture of simple, tough and elegant all put into a single routine. With all of the worker the dancers are putting in you can most definitely expect a wonderful show full of hip hop, ballet, tap and some wonderful theatricality as well as a night full of laughter. Safe Zone Logo

This show is sadly only having one performance this year on April 11th in the Rice Auditorium and tickets are selling out fast, so if you want to get a taste of this amazing show and support an amazing cause of bringing awareness and equality to every person on this earth no matter what gender or sexual orientation they identify as!  Triangle Alliance puts this show on as their big traditional every year so they really need our support this year and to definitely make a huge turn out for the one and only performance!

By Amanda Summers

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  1. I am a student at WOU and recently started my own mineral makeup company. I wanted to donate some makeup for the Drag Show event. Do you know who I would talk to?

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