We’re here to get a job?!

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So, someone once told me that we’re supposed to be working toward getting a job while we’re here in college. This is a strange concept…this is also sarcasm that I’m dearly hoping you are understanding!

Yes, we all know that a job means that we get money and money means that we get to eat. Being in this stage in life can sometimes be very confusing and frustrating; we are impatient to reach our goals of graduation but we need to get past this in-between stage in our lives. Part of how we begin this transition into the infamous “real world” is to look at what we are going to do after graduation. Will we go on to graduate school? Find a career with our degree? Both need one really stellar resume, that’s for sure!

Now, I fully admit that I got a bit big-headed about my resume writing skills. I am humbled to report that I am not the champion resume-writer. The wonderful people in the Service Learning and Career Development Office were wonderful and brought me down gently from my nest in the clouds. Apparently, I like to use words…and LOTS of them! Go figure!

Besides an ego check, I found out that the Service Learning and Career Development Center (SLCD) also does a ton of other things!! Here’s a list:

  1. Service Learning and Community Service Information
  2. Career Coaching
  3. Recruitment Fairs
  4.  Resume Workshops
  5. Interview Skills Workshops
  6. Mock Interviews
  7. Graduate School Speakers
  8. Law School Speakers
  9.  International Career Panel
  10. Students In Service Education Award
  11. Job Search Techniques

Check out all the other stuff they do on their website: https://wou.edu/student/career/

By Gabrielle Boyle

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