Words of wisdom, on computers and printing

Among the whirl of first year experiences—living in a dorm, surviving off of dining hall fare, trying to pull off passing grades in classes that high school did not prepare you for at all—one thing that tripped me up more than a couple times was printing assignments.

I had a printer in my dorm—my roomie did, as well—but three weeks into the terms, between my English classes, and her Biology lectures, we suddenly found ourselves ink-less. Ink-less, and wondering how on earth we were going to manage to be prepared for our morning classes.

Long story short, we figured out how to use the on-campus computer labs real fast.

Western actually has a surprising amount of computer labs, beyond to largest one, located on the first floor of Hamersly Library. There’s usually at least on small lab equipped with printers in each building specific towards subject. A couple labs in HSS for the Humanities people, a few in the Natural Science building for the science guys.

One that is good to be aware of is in Werner University Center, downstairs. It’s not just a good place to print, but also to go work quietly on big projects. The on-campus computers do come fully equipped with the very expensive Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excell, after all

RSC Computer lab
RSC Computer lab

The computer lab on that I tend to use the most is especially convenient for student living on campus. Located in the Residential Service Center, this computer lab is great for printing, homework, even just for Facebook, or aimless web surfing. And, right next to mail boxes, it’s really easy to group your errands together. Go print, pick up a care package, and send off that letter to your grandmother, all in the same place.

A rule of thumb, when it come to printing out lecture materials or assignments for your classes the next day (I unfortunately learned the hard way)–if your classes start before ten, print it the night before. If your classes start after ten you should also print your stuff the night before.

By Bonnie Wells

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