From high school to college: an epic journey

Our story begins when a high school senior determines that Western Oregon University is the perfect match for her. A few weeks after sending her letter of intent, she receives a phone call from a professor from her intended department! Our main character was taken aback momentarily because she had not expected this kind of treatment at a university.  She was only briefly stunned by this phone call, she had so many questions and she asked them all! When she finished her phone call, she felt much more secure in her decision and felt the reassurance she needed.

The next chapter of our story takes place at the SOAR (Summer Orientation and Registration) Day which was an organized event offered many times throughout the summer to get in-coming freshman registered for classes and become a little more familiar with the campus and how it operates.

New Student Week: the best transition into a new environment!
New Student Week: the best transition into a new environment!

We don’t hear back from our main character until she moves into the dorms a week before classes start. This is called New Student Week and it is something our main character will be forever grateful for. There were trained leaders (PLUS Team, Peer Mentors, and Residential Assistants) there to lead all the new students through the week of activities to help the transition process. It was definitely one of the busiest weeks our heroine has ever survived through, but with all the lessons learned from guest speakers and bonding activities, it was completely worth it!

Now we catch up to present day, where our main character has successfully transitioned into college life and loves it! With the help of her Peer Mentor and Residential Assistant, she has made it through all of the challenges freshman year has thrown at her.

By Gabrielle Boyle

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