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Whenever you apply for a new job, there will most likely be an interview process. When you go into an interview, you have to make a good impression, this is a fact. Even if you are interviewed not based on looks, the interviewer has some small sort of judgement. So who better to guide you into a great interview than our friends in the SLCD (Student Leadership and Carreer Development) office. They have put together a great powerpoint to give the basics on how to appear your best when going on a professional interview.

An ideal way for a man to dress for a professional interview.
An ideal way for a man to dress for a professional interview.

When a man goes to an interview, there are a few things he needs to remember. First would be to dress conservatively, that means no pants sagging or T-shirts with pictures on them. When going to a professional interviewit would be ideal to where a dress suit, because nothing says “I mean business” like a suit. The suit should be a dark color like navy blue or dark grey, but not black, because it might seem as if you are going to a funeral, and you would not want a potential employer to think that and you should always where a long white sleeved dress shirt underneath. When choosing a tie, you should choose one that mostly matches your suit, or choose a color that contrasts it, like red. Colors are a sort of big things with ties, they can symbolize different things depending on your mood like, Red = Power, Blue = Trustworthy and Yellow = Friendly. When choosing dress shoes, it is a good idea to go with black… you can not go wrong with black. Choose either suspenders, or a belt, do not choose both, because it will look tacky. Last and maybe most importantly, when buttoning up your suit, only button the top one if there are two and button it if there is only one. You want to unbotton your suit while you sit down in an inteview

When a woman goes to an interview, there are also a few things to consider as well. You will also really want to dress conservatively. The go to choices for most women would be a skirted suit, a skirt with a non-matching blazer, or a dress with a jacket over it. Colors that look really good would be, Black, Grey, Navy, Dark Blue, Taupe or Burgundy and try to avoid pastels. Other helpful hints to use would be to avoid V-necks, high hemlines or tight clothing. Don’t take an oversized handbag with you and overall just keep it simple. The best shoes to wear would be low heeled, closed toe shoes.

An Ideal way for a woman to dress in a professional interview
An Ideal way for a woman to dress in a professional interview

Of course appropriate interview attire always depends on where you are interviewing at. If you are interviewing at a tattoo shop or a barbershop, it might not always be the case. You just need to investigate for yourself, which field of study has a typical outfit to where when going on an interview.

The SLCD did this seminar as part of their preperation for getting students ready to attend the Career Expo in Portland on April 5th. This place is a great place to start networking, internships, look into Grad schools and also potential employers. If this seems like something that you would like to do just sign up in the SLCD office in Downstairs Werner Center.

If you would like to attend other helpful seminars there is also:

Success at the Career Fair……….Wed. March 13 from 4:30 – 5pm (Columbia Rm.)

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RESUMANIA……………………….Wed, April 3 from 2:00 – 4pm (WUC Front Lobby)

By Kevin Gutierrez

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