Housing! Where you be livin?

Hey there everyone! It’s that time of year to start thinking about next year!  So where are you planning on living, how much will it cost, off campus or on campus, who’s going to live with you?! There are so many questions and so little time! But don’t worry there is enough time to figure out all these logistics!

Well obviously the first thing to tackle is off campus or on campus!

Pro’s of being on:

1) no monthly bills to pay of ANY kind

2) convenient close location to classes

3) a meal plan for valsetz (depending on where you live)

4) on campus students always get in free to programs!

5)  More academically inclined to get better grades!

cons of being on campus:

Pros of being off:

1) no rules/regulations

2) can choose who you live with

3)  no unwanted neighbors

4) you have your own room


cons of being on:

1) valsetz food

2) can’t always choose roommates

3) can’t always have own room

4) more strict rules and regulations


cons of living off:

1) pay monthly bills

2) make your own food

3) commute to school

4) more inclined to slack off academically


Now roommates are a whole new category, I know you want to live with your friends but you REALLY have to pay attention to the little details in your friendship, if even 1 thing annoys you about a person imagine having to live with that 1 thing constantly, you wake up to it, interact with it and sleep with it around you. That one thing can destroy a friendship very easily, you want to live with people who you enjoy and you can be honest with all the time, not someone you are going to keep secrets from and act like a high school girl around



Now for costs you have to do some major research. Living on campus Arbor Park is the cheapest and you don’t have to sign up for a meal plan, but that means you need money for groceries. The most expensive on campus is a butler kitchenet, PLUS you don’t have your own room with that suite. Though the nice thing about living on campus is their is no monthly bill, just a bill at the end of the term and if your loans/scholarships cover it all than you have nothing to worry about


living off campus you have your own and room and set up but you do have to worry about rent, and utilities, and groceries, and water, and cable, and gas and any other bills that might come up. That pressure is a lot for young adults starting off which is why I personally choose to live on campus.


I hope this helped in the decision making that goes into your future plans!

By Amanda Summers

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