Brown Eyed Blue Eyed: A diversity simulation

Every year Western Oregon university is the lucky host the diversity simulation program called Brown Eyed Blue Eyed.

This year the program was again ran by Kyle rush with the support of the Barnum/Butler/Gentle hall government as well as the National Residence Hall Honorary. These two groups supported this program because of the well known history and response and influence this program has on everyone who attends it.

This program is based off of the initial experiment put on by a third grade teacher. She took her students and for one day all those who had brown eyes were spoiled and given perks and were praised for every little thing they did. Where as the blue eyed kids were condemned and put down by the teacher as well as the other students. This greatly impacted the test grades of the students both negatively and positively. Then the following day the teacher switched who was being praised and who was being put down. This stimulation has stuck in the students brain forever because of their own feelings and memories. The children said they did not enjoy being friends one day and then being enemies another day especially because they didn’t understand the particular reason as to why it was happening.

This simulation is the exact same replica except for the fact that the people who are being praised are told what is going on and are enlisted in the job of putting down the other eye color. In the event emotions definitely run wild. People are called names and are told hurtful things and are completely degraded. This obviously causes some stirring in very deep emotion and this is the first year that it even got a little physical with a fight over a chair. At the end of the simulation everyone was allowed to be equals and talk about what they felt as well as their thoughts and emotions that happened through out  the entire event. Many emotions ran wild and tears were shed. This event is a diversity simulation that brings awareness to rude words or remarks that are hurtful and that being diverse is absolutely okay. Everyone should be accepting of everyone and no one should be forced to be something they’re not or be punished for it.

This program won the regional program of the year award for the PACURH region. So it is obviously a very heart wrenching and moving program that influences everyone.

By Amanda Summers

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