Holocaust remembrance day

Each year around this time at Western the leaders on campus strive to bring back to the minds of students the awful and tragic happenings that took place during world war II. Specifically what is done is during a certain Sunday students gather volunteers to help place out flags along the main street of that runs through the middle of Western. The prime area where students and visitors alike see the harsh reality that was the Holocaust. Each flag that is place out represents a number of a certain group of people whose lives were lost during the years of the Holocaust. Such as each yellow flag represents 11,000 Jewish lives lost or one brown flag represents 6,000 gays lost.



The following Monday from 12-5 was the official time of the Holocaust remembrance flags. Hundreds of these flags were stuck in the ground to represent the devastating loss of lives during the second world war. This is a significant event in the history of the world and is always one that should be remembered for the greater good of society, that we should never take for granted a life or judge someone’s life as more worthy than another’s.



By Amanda Summers

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