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Track and Field season has been going on for a little over a month now, but this Friday is the first Meet here at WOU. Going to a track meet is free for Western students if you bring your WOU ID. Being on the Track & Field team in High School myself, makes going out and supporting the WOU team a little more meaningful. Everyone needs to go out and support nonetheless, especially since this years team looks like it has a lot of great players competing. Going to a Track event can be really fun when you go with some friends, get some popcorn and just watch some close races for a few hours.

The Women's 4x100 finished the race strong, placing 1st.
The Women’s 4×100 finished the race strong, placing 1st.

One of the first races was the relay races. The Women’s 4×100 was first to start it off and they did not disappoint. Right from the get go the WOU Women’s team got off to a fast start. They caught up to the other teams right away and eventually won the race by more than 50 meters. The Men’s team was not as dominant in their race, with a slow transition of their baton, but they finished the race close at 3rd place.

Other events like the 110m Hurdles went well for the Western with a 1st place finish, that was very close up until the end. The WOU Women’s team, didn’t do as well, placing third by only a little over a second.

The Men's 4x100 relay, WOU placed 3rd.
The Men’s 4×100 relay, WOU placed 3rd.

Overall the track team did well, placing 1st in the Men’s 200, Men’s 3000m Steeple Men’s 4×400, Women’s Javelin, Women’s Pole Vault, Women’s 100m and the Women’s 200m . They also placed in the top 3 in the Men’s 4×100, 400m Hurdles, Men’s 800m, Men’s 100m, Women’s Shot Put, Women’s 4×400, Women’s 5000m, and the Women’s 800m, so you know it was a good turn out this meet.

This year in Track & Field looks like it will be really interesting, and full of nationally ranked competitors, so if you didn’t go this last week and are thinking about going, you need to check it out. There will be another Meet here in Monmouth on April 29th and the last Meet of the year on May 10th, so your chances of going out and supporting are limited!

Pole Vaulters doing their practice runs
Pole Vaulters doing their practice runs
Women's 100m Hurdles, WOU finished 3rd
Women’s 100m Hurdles, WOU finished 3rd

By Kevin Gutierrez

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