Every year the Triangle Alliance club puts on a little show known as the Drag Show. This is the Triangle Alliance traditional that the students of Western look forward to each year. This year’s theme was “The Wonderful Wizard of WOU” which is of course a riff off of the Wizard of Oz. But in this rendition of the old tale things get a little more provocative! Dorothy runs into some sexy witches and makes some lost friends all the while running into obstacles while trying to find her way home. This year the role of Dorothy was played by Willow Rose Dickerson-Padalecki and the entire show was choreographed and directed by Rjay Carey who has been the director/choreographer for several years now.


This show was of course a fund raiser and what better way to do it with some sexy people to come out and give the audience members lap dances? The fifteen minute intermission had two lovely ladies and two young gentleman roaming around the auditorium grinding on any person who would give them a dollar and stick it anywhere they pleased on their body.



What was by far the most interesting number was the “tornado” scene where there was several technical chorus dancers who represented the tornado. The kicks, the spins, the black flowing strips of cloth dangling off their bodies were all very inviting to the eye and mind. This particular dance really represented one of the most memorable scenes of the Wizard of Oz and captured the moment beautifully.




914038_121590681369051_1240590005_oThe colors of the costumes and the variety of dances that this show produced were absolutely wonderful in every way shape and form. By the end of the entire performance the audience were on their feet shouting and cheering for more. If only there was more than one night of this spectacular performance! Next year you are not going to want to miss this big show!

By Amanda Summers

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