The D.I.Y Bride’s Bridal Show

Delicious cupcakes!
Vendors brought samples of their products! Yummy cupcakes!


Most girls go crazy for all things “wedding”.


Girls of this nature tend to squeal and/or bounce when they come into contact with things such as dresses, rings, flowers, table settings, caterers or cakes! These girls are highly dangerous to your personal sanity and should probably be avoided for both of your safety.


I am one of those girls. (Queue dramatic music!)

I’m definitely not one of those “going-to-be-a-Bridezilla” people, I just thoroughly enjoy imagining in great detail my perfect wedding. My idea of my “perfect” wedding has changed a lot over time so it is only logical that I continue to go to bridal shows and expos to keep my options open or to find if my current ideas are even physically possible!

using a vendor's crafting supplies, we made name cards for reception tables
My friend and I got to create our own name plates that could possibly go on a wedding reception table!

Lately, I’ve been getting excited about being a Do-It-Yourself Bride. When the time comes, of course, I would have to discuss with my partner what our budget would be, but I’m going to assume that it’ll be a small budget because that seems to be the trend! All the more reason to do it myself and save a lot of money! Plus, doing it yourself means you’re getting exactly what you wanted and if it doesn’t turn out how you were planning you have no one to blame but yourself. I honestly love the idea of getting to go find all the ingredients to my perfect wedding and being able to personally put them together, I think it makes it much more personal to you and your guests when you have been that involved in all the wedding’s details.

It was my lucky day when the Historic Gentle House, which is very close to the dorms I’m living in, had a D.I.Y Bridal Show!

consigned dresses on display
EXHIBIT A: Wedding dresses! Not just normal wedding dresses but wedding dresses on CONSIGNMENT!!!

All throughout the Gentle House there were vendors that could help the D.I.Y bride create her perfect wedding. There were Avon representatives, florists, caterers, DJs and live bands, linen rental businesses, officiants, and there was even a consignment store from Salem that consigns all formal wear!

It was really great to see all the possibilities for a D.I.Y wedding, all from local businesses and services! It was also really interesting to learn the the Historic Gentle House can be rented for events like weddings! It makes sense to me now, because that house is so beautiful, but I didn’t think the school would have weddings on campus! I love learning fun facts about this school!

By Gabrielle Boyle

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