Spring has finally sprung

Flowers on campus from spring, 2012.
Flowers on campus from spring, 2012.

After what feels like a ice age of a winter term, we have finally arrived at the end of the academic year, with spring finally firmly in place. Queue rapid weather changes and temperature fluctuation. Beyond that, spring term has always felt a little strange to me. It’s rushed in the classroom, yet the weather invites you to laze and linger outside, and you are left walking around with an acute awareness of the end of the school year and finals roll closer and closer.

For those of us fortunate enough to live in on-campus housing  spring term signals the time of year where we start dreading move-out day, with all the odd and ends and wear and tear we have in our dorms. All the new clothes, all the ambiguous smudges on the walls. The last two years, after returning home, I’ve had only one wish as I looked at the mountain of things I now had to unpack—that I would have started cleaning sooner.

This year I am resolved to begin my cleaning while it’s still actually spring, rather than early summer. If any one shares this desire, here are some tips that can help (I hope). Just call it spring cleaning.

 Thrift Shops! While making like Macklemore can save you a pretty penny when you’re shopping, donating your old clothes to a local thrift shop is a great way to cut down on the baggs you’ll be packing home at the end of the term.

  • Tooth paste is a many splendor-ed thing. Got an stains of an indeterminate origin on your white walls? Put some tooth paste on it. Did your roommate draw something inappropriate on your dishwasher? Put some tooth paste on it. Seriously, tooth paste with whitening agents can bleach white surfaces, effectively removing stains and marks.
  • Ditch the old text books. It can be tempting to hold on to textbooks in the hope of getting more later. But honestly, with new editions being put out every one to two years, holding on to books you might not ever need again can be just silly. And if you’re looking for more money, companies like Bookbyte often buy for more and sell for less than on-campus bookstores.
  • The early bird gets the worm. Pack early so you can fit in a trip or two home with a load of dorm paraphernalia, so you have less to move later one. Label your boxes, so you know what you can afford to take home early and what you cannot.

By Bonnie Wells

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