Day Care on Campus? Convenient!

So we all know that being a student can be tough sometimes, but when it comes to having children and attending school, it can be tougher than some of us can imagine.  And while it may be difficult to be both a parent and a student, the Child Development Center on campus can make things a bit easier for you! In that sense, do not fret about looking for various places to take your children for day care, because the CDC provides those services to you, all while having a convenient location on campus. What more can you ask for?!  The opportunity to see your children between classes is right at your fingertips!

While most of you may know about the Child Development Center located on campus, I want to tell all of you a bit more regarding their mission, the prices (because we are all curious about this! And guess what? Students get a discount!), and lastly, just a quick overview of any other details that may be important to those reading this.

So, first order of business—what is CDC?.  Well, for one, the child development center’s mission is to “to serve all children seeking preschool and/or child care services regardless of race, color, disability or health status.”  Along with this, the CDC is “motivated and empowered to work together with the community, fellow schools, and businesses to help children and families thrive.”  In addition, the program serves families with children anywhere from 30 months to 6 years of age from both Western Oregon University, as well as from the surrounding community.

I would also like to point out that the center is also welcomes both volunteers and practicum students.  The center does ask that volunteers commit to 1.5 hours slots, in the end totaling 3 hours or more per week.  I personally believe that before one goes into a certain field, they should get a little experience, so if you were pondering on the idea of becoming a teacher, or any field where you might work with children, then becoming either a volunteer or a practicum student at CDC would be an amazing and fulfilling experience!

Now for the ‘nitty gritty’.  The center is located in Todd Hall on campus and the hours of operation are from 730 a.m. to 530 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Breakfast and an afternoon snack are provided by the center, so all you have to worry about is lunch!  Regarding the fees for enrollment, there are various options.  For example, for 5 days/week full day service (730 a.m.-530 p.m.) the regular rate per term is $2,064, while for WOU students it is only $1,445.  However, the rates go down as the enrollment days become fewer and so on.

Well, that sums it up!  And in case you felt that I might have left something out, I will include a direct link to the Child Development Center, where you have access to lots of information regarding the center.  Feel free to browse!

By Antonia Rojas

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