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It’s Spring here at Western! Well, that’s still debatable, but the weather is getting a lot nicer outside, so it only makes sense to go out and watch a WOU Baseball/Softball game. I decided that I wanted to see how the Baseball team is doing. I have never been really into baseball but I do like watching competitive sports and I was hoping I would see some home runs or something amazing.

WOU at the plate, 3rd inning
WOU at the plate, 3rd inning

The baseball season started back in February so the season is almost over.  WOU is having a pretty good season this year, winning 23 games so far and losing only 15. Looking at the flier that is handed out, Western is currently first in the GNAC So they are good and you can probably expect a close game from them. This weekend they played Lewis-Clark State.

So the game started out with Lewis-Clark State (LCSC) up to bat. WOU looked like it had some good fast pitches, but LCSC kept seeming to hit the balls. Eventually LCSC would hit a home-run and put LCSC up by 3 early and would go on to score once more, putting them up by 4 before getting out and putting Western up at bat. After a quick strikeout by LCSC, you start to get nervous for the home team and cringe every time something goes bad. It was not all bad though, Western scored after 2 big runs and made it 4-2 at the end of the first inning. It went back and forth from then and LCSC scored a few more times and WOU once, until it was 8-3 going into the eighth inning. This is where the game that at first seems out of reach gets really close. Western then scored twice making it 8-5 and on the next hit Western scored again making it 8-6, but they get their last out after that. LCSC scored once more in the 9th inning but WOU couldn’t which lost the game to them.

LCSC at the plate, top of the 2nd inning
LCSC at the plate, top of the 2nd inning

This game was not extremely intense throughout the two hours that was played but you tell it was really competitive. There were a lot foul balls that went all over the place and almost hit some fans, but that’s what keeps you on the edge of your seat right? Overall it was a good experience. There were a lot of fans that came out and supported the team. A lot of older members of the community seemed to be there. A lot of students have some friends on the team and/or are really into our school’s baseball team. Either way, come out and support.

They also played Saturday and Sunday, tying the series on Saturday and winning the series 2-1 in Sunday’s win. They improved to 25-6 and LCSC falls to 35-11.

WOU plays Saint Martin’s on 4/27 and again on 4/28.  Those will be the last home games of the season. They play Central Washington after that and after that it is the GNAC Championships.

By Kevin Gutierrez

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