A Day of Silence and A Night of Noise


Day of silence posters up in Valsetz Dining Hall
Luckily there were posters up to help us explain why we weren’t speaking!





In case you’ve never heard of Day of Silence:

The Day of Silence is a national event, usually held in April, where everyone who participates agrees to not talk for a full day in order to “end the silence of people being bullied because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer”. Night of Noise events are usually held the night of Day of Silence to celebrate making it through a full day without talking, in some places where it is difficult to be “out”, a Night of Noise event is a place to debrief and recover from whatever happened during the day.

Night of Noise poster
If there was something loud to do, we did it!


I feel that being in a safe environment where you’re learning is so important to a good college experience and I feel that I’m getting that here. I can go anywhere and be myself and never feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. That’s not something I could say for other places.




Keynote speaker, CM Hall, at the Night of Noise event
Keynote speaker, CM Hall, at the Night of Noise event



What are you doing to end the silence?
What are you doing to end the silence?’

By Gabrielle Boyle

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