Talk Sex at the Get Lei’d Luau

Every year the Peer Mentors on campus do their traditional event called the “Get Lei’d Luau” this is a program about sex education and giving students the information they need to be safe and healthy with their sexual life. This term the RHA Executive Board decided to put on a program called “Talk Sex” which is based off of the program “Talk Sex with Big Lex” which has been done for several years now. These two programs were going to be done one right after the other during the same week but the two groups thought better of it and decided to co-program and come together to create this giant sex education program that had a lot of draw for students.




When students first entered they got “lei’d” and were told to choose a seat where they played five rounds of Bingo and won some sex pack prizes that included: candles, chocolate, tissues and other items. Then they were given tickets for the in between rounds true and false questions. They were allowed to put these raffle tickets into the prize cups which consisted of anywhere from lube to a giant screen tv or a mini ipad. Then there was a sex education speaker named Jay who talked about sex in a real and calm matter that was funny and informational all at the same time. After the speaker was over the Peer Mentor side of the program took over where students got a “pass port” and had to go from booth to booth learning about different sex ed. topics. Then at the end of the night the raffle prizes were drawn and people got to take home some very cool prizes.




Overall this entire program was a fun and energetic way to get people learning about sex and asking questions that they don’t know. Prizes were won and knowledge was gained. Therefore I would definitely say that this program was a huge success! 310928_10201025893640407_479547923_n


By Amanda Summers

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