Pow Wow

This year marks the 20th annual Pow Wow presented by MSU here on campus. Talking to one of the MSU members, it seems like it is also one of the biggest. The Pow Wow was held in New P.E. and went half the day from 12pm to 12am.

Pow Wow Drummers
Pow Wow Drummers
Native American Dancers
A Native American Dancer

One of the most important things about a Pow Wow is having Drummers and Dancers. There were dancers competing in the middle of the gym while different groups of drummers gathered around big drums and sang the songs of their people. There were different dancing groups, young, old and any and all dancers.

One of the neat things about a Pow Wow is all the vendors that come from around the tribes in Oregon and even sometimes from neighboring states. There are all sorts of Native American souvenirs, trinkets and art and most of it is hand crafted by most of the vendors themselves.

There are all sorts of things to buy from vendors like Dream Catchers, Jewelery, back packs, posters, T-shirts and more.

Pow Wow Vendors
Some Native American Dolls

One thing they do every year at the Pow Wow is the raffle. Things that are raffled off are items that each vendor thinks is valuable, like a handcrafted long flute, some clothing and some little toys. There are tons of prizes and even cash prizes if you enter the 50/50 raffle.

Native American Art
Native American Art

Overall it was a good experience. There were over 20 vendors there, some really good dancers with well decorated outfits and a lot to learn from some of the Native Americans there if you get a chance to speak to any of them.

By Kevin Gutierrez

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