Gabbi’s Favorite Place on Campus

My favorite place on campus!

Don’t ask me why, but this is my favorite place on campus!

Ok, I changed my mind, ask me why!

“Why is this your favorite place on campus, Gabbi?”

Oh, how thoughtful of you to ask! Well, if you must know, the first timeĀ  I ever visited WOU as a high school senior, my PLUS team member that was the leader of our tour brought us to this fountain and had us all sit around it while we talked and asked him questions about this school. So I guess, this is the spot where I fell in love with Western and decided to come here!

Do you regret asking me yet? No? Good!

The beautiful bird bath fountain!
The beautiful bird bath fountain!

Look at how cute the little bird bath, fountain is!

The blossoming tree across from the fountain
Here’s the view from my perch on the edge of the fountain!

One of my favorite things about this spot is its location. This fountain sits, almost isolated, behind the education building and The Cottage, away from the main stretch of campus and generally considered the “back way” for most people to get to their classes. Still, I love it!

By Gabrielle Boyle

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