Every year around this time all of the Hall Governments start putting on their traditional events. We have five residence halls and that means that there is five HUGE events coming up very soon.


In fact this Saturday May 4th the Barnum, Butler, and Gentle hall government is putting on their huge traditional called WOU Meets World. This is a carnival/cultural event that will have many performances from different organizations on campus such as Triangle Alliance and others but what is their biggest attraction is their big rides. There will be food, games and rides galore which should lead to a day of fun from 2pm till 8pm. 387300_166658406827604_2051973315_n





The next big event that’s coming up is the Heritage hall government’s Midnight in Paris, otherwise known as the “Cinderella Ball” this is a formal event  that happens every year at the Grand Ballroom in Salem, OR on Friday May 10th at 8pm. This is a formal dance that is co-programmed with the peer mentors to bring you food, snacks, education and of course a fun time. Tickets are going on sale the 6th-9th at the Werner University Center. So get your tickets fast cause this will be one romantic night that you will not want to miss!!!




The next one coming up is the Landers hall government Candy Carnival! This events is all just fun and games! They’ll have blowup slides and games, they have have elephant ears and cotton candy and many other carnival booths that will make                      you feel like a five year old kid trying to win the big stuffed animal at the bottle toss! So make sure on May 18th in the public safety field that you come out play!CottonCandyBoard


The next exciting events that is happening is the Costume Buncko event put on by the Arbor Park hall government. This is a giant dice throwing games that gives you the chances to win SO MANY PRIZES. This is a purely prize winning program and you have so many opportunities to do it! Show up in a costume with a bunch of friends on Friday May 30th!








The last and final event of the season is the the Ackerman hall govenrment WOU Stock. Come listen to bands and have some delicious food out in the grove in front of Ackerman. This event is taking place on Saturday June 1st . This is a huge event that has been done for years and they are working with SAB to create an amazing and fun musical event! So make sure to be there and have some fun!  festivals

By Amanda Summers

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