International Night!

Representatives from 27 different countries were shown at International Night

Last Friday I had the honor of attending The International Club’s annual International Night. It was here on campus in the Pacific Room for only $6 dollars to Western students. International Night focuses on representing all the different countries, cultures and traditions from around the world. 27 countries were said to be represented there that night. President of the University, Mark Weiss was in attendance as well as other faculty members showing their support for the International club.

New and different food is brought to Western.
New and different food is brought to Western.

One thing that a lot of people (and I) looked forward to was the food. International Night means international food from countries like India, Mexico, Japan and Asia. There were a lot of possibilities for different foods and some might not look like what you are used to eating, but you know the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” I was a little skeptical at first about some of the food items but once I tried things like the Curry from India, I found I really liked it.

Students from Nepal

One way for some students to represent their countries was to take part in the fashion show. The fashion show was really cool. It looked like some students were dressed in their native country’s finest clothes which made this event seem like an even more special occasion. Some students even brought their children and showed what some children from other countries dress like.

For the next few hours there were a lot of neat performances. Performances from Japan, China, Polynesia, Saudi Arabia, Congo, Ghana, Mexico and Korea.

Japanese Students performing their Pop group dance

The Japanese International students had some great performances. They showed some music from a famous Pop group in Japan as well as some pretty neat dance moves to go along with it. Another performance was by a student named Naomi who sang a really nice song called Sakura.

Performances from China include a dancing piece from a popular group from China. This music was a mix of Folk Music and Rap/Hip-Hop. There was also a magician named Vincent who did some really cool card tricks. He got the crowd involved a lot by pulling an audience member upstage and teaching her a magic trick.

Vincent the Magician
Vincent the Magician

Some American entertainment that we saw were some songs by a student named C-Barsh, where he sang some songs he wrote himself, a Hey, Soul Sister performance with a Ukelele twist by Sean, Peter and Cody and also a performance by the WOU Acapella group, 15 Miles West.

Performer from Ghana being joined by other dancers

There were also performances from Africa, including Congo and Ghana. The Congo performance was really interesting. It involved a piano, drums, a guitar and some singers. The performer was really good. He performed a Happy dance that they do in Ghana that lasted a long time but got really interesting when he was joined on stage by other dancers.

One of the more popular groups of the night was probably the Polynesian club. They did a Polypride dance where they danced to a song that showed all of their islander pride.

There were also some pretty neat booths there. Saudi Arabia had a booth that let people know more about what Saudi Arabia is all about. There was also a Henna tattoo booth for people who wanted some temporary tattoos. There was also an arts and crafts table from Tanzania, and also a cultural items from Peru on sale.

Everyone dancing to Gangnam style

The night ended pretty cool with a special performance by the Korean group. They performed a Psy song then danced to Gangnam style. When they finished they then invited everyone on stage to dance with them.

By Kevin Gutierrez

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