Profile: student Antonia Rojas

Antonia Rojas
Antonia Rojas
Antonia Rojas

By David Marcus, WOU student

Western Oregon University Prides itself in bringing culture and diversity to its students. Students demonstrate commitment to cultural diversity with its Clubs and Events, and bring experiences and knowledge to our students. Antonia Rojas is a student here at western that has gained a lot of experience and education from our classes and campus life. In an interview we discussed the perks of Western Oregon University’s campus and how she enjoys campus life.

There are many factors that bring our students to choose Western Oregon University over others. What brought Antonia to this wonderful campus was its prestigious Criminal Justice program. For Antonia, it became even more appealing when she realized that it was a relatively small home like campus.

What brings our students to WOU?
“Since I come from a small town, I’m used to classrooms sizes of about 25+, so I knew immediately that WOU was the right fit for me.”

Along with the low teacher to student ratio, there are many more attracting activities and events on campus. From events such as Mario Kart Mondays, to Clubs like Ultimate Frisbee, and Intramural sports for those who like to compete, there’s a place for each individual student.

What are favorite activities to do while you’re on campus?
“I enjoy soccer! Intramural sports of course. It’s always fun to get together with friends and play some competitive, but fun soccer games. It’s definitely something to look forward to, and in the end, you always end up making friends! Other than that, I enjoy attending various events on campus. I have enjoyed each and every one of them.”

Western Oregon University is known for its diverse environment and large number of nontraditional and international population. Coming to WOU, you will be part of a diverse community with people from many different backgrounds. From one end of campus to the other, you can find any student that is willing to direct or give you a friendly greeting while heading to class.

How would you describe the atmosphere/culture here at WOU?
“The atmosphere on-campus, and in the overall town of Monmouth is great. “

WOU’s campus life is a well knit community where you and your classmates will grow and experience the great opportunity that Western Oregon provides its students. It’s easily accessible staff, and its delicious food provided in the food courts on campus will make you never want to leave.

What about this campus separates itself from other campus’s you have visited over your time here at WOU?
“I’ve had my fair share of campus visits and although other campuses may be larger, in the end, I just love WOU! I feel that once a person visits WOU, they won’t regret it. The campus is ‘user friendly’, meaning that a person can easily get around and there is no having to walk long distances to get to places. The professors are great, and they really care about their students and how they are progressing.”

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