Cinderella Ball: Midnight in Paris

419371_391437570969417_219043164_n   Every year traditional’s are done by each hall government at Western Oregon University. Heritage has always done what is known as the “Cinderella Ball.” This years theme was “Midnight in Paris” which was meant to encompass the feeling of France and more specifically the city of love!  This year the location of the dance was of course at the grand ball room in  Salem, OR. The decorations were whimsical and the music kept the people dancing all through out the night. This dance was also co-programmed with the Peer Mentors group on campus which provided attendees with drinks or “mocktails” to give an educational aspect about alcohol to those who chose to partake in the beverages. There was also a photo booth put on by the NACURH delegation as a fundraiser as well as a fun service for those who chose to partake in it. The background was a wonderful painting of the Eiffel Tower at sunset and really set the mood for the entire evening. 463927_10200583974033744_1580260679_o

There was also a plethora of food and snacks to gorge on if one was to worn out in the midst of the dancing. There was of course the classic chocolate fountain where one could dip strawberries, angel food cake, or pretzels in. There was many different kinds of fruit and bread type snacks to help keep ones energy up through out the evening. But of course as many people said, the dancing with their friends was their most favorite part. Creating these kinds of memories is what college is all about and so when people actually participate in these events it can make the difference between a fun eventful night out or a not so memorable night in!






By Amanda Summers

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